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Using the power of UMA Sense, make your workplace compliant with new regulations


How can you ensure that your customers and staff feel safe?

With retailers being allowed to reopen stores and premises in England for the first time since the end of March, footfall has surged week on week.

As the 2m rule is eased in the UK, how can you be sure that staff and customers alike are maintaining the minimum distance required and that your organisation is aligned with current HSE guidelines.

Now, more than ever, is the time to be vigilant and ensure we keep control of the virus and minimise the spread of a potential second wave.

UMA Sense can ensure you are compliant with HSE guidelines and give your visitors and staff the peace of mind to know social distancing is being adhered to.


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UMA Sense is a privacy-first sensor solution for space utilisation, offering anonymous sensing for accurate analytics.

Providing real-time intelligence, this GDPR compliant solution will detect the number of individuals in a particular space to guarantee safe occupancy levels.


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ISDM are a leading audio-visual specialist who work with our customers to deliver an audio-visual solution that best suits their needs. We enhance customer strategy by providing the best in class solution, that are tried and tested with the future in mind.

With decades of AV experience, ISDM Solutions are a fully managed service. We take our customers on a journey to discover how we can best enhance their collaboration estate, our discovery process helps to establish the true requirements and from there our design teams, project managers, installation and commissioning engineers, training manager and 24/5 video service desk help to complete and maintain the customer collaboration estate.


Our expert team will design a package that will transform how you communicate now and in the future.


Allowing you to set safe occupancy levels for spaces, displaying real time data and set alerts should thresholds be exceeded, UMA Sensors can monitor social distancing across your workspace.

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Data is powerful and the backbone of an efficient facilities management operation.

UMA’s dashboard helps you see real-time utilisation and helps plan your real estate strategy. SMS alerts to your dashboard make it quick and easy to read.

Automated reporting provides insight to drive health and safety policy changes and workplace improvement while the public facing media displays clearly highlight the number of people in your space.


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